From idea to action: we cross knowledge and experience to creatively act in the client’s problem.


The creative process is not linear. In Will we strive to identify the best way to reach the goal of each project. Learn about the principles we try to follow in each of those phases.


Identify opportunities
In order to better evaluate the needs and interests of the client, the process begins with a meeting to identify the vision and goals, proceed with the budget review and redefine the project schedule. The results of the consultancy will be a report of the project and a contract.

Analysis of trends | Inspiration | Schematization of opportunities | Intentions and criteria


Redefinition of the problem
More than just knowing the client, it is also necessary to better know its context. Explore the limits of the problem allows you to analyze less obvious possibilities and even redefine the project, in parameters more focused on the clients interests. The goal is to identify and highlight relevant features to the creative process.

Observation and analysis | Brainstorming: facts and keywords | Map of stakeholders | Map of empathy: study of the public | Thematic and historic research| Market research | Moodboard


Generating ideas
This is the moment you put the ideas and concepts on the table in an uncompromised way. Considering the project rebrief but remaining temporarily away from the constraints imposed by the client, we explore different ideas through sketches and schemes, in which we try to collect and present the guidelines for the development of an original project.

Gathering of spontaneous perceptions | Brainwriting | Experimental design | Semantic confrontations | Storytelling & Desktop walkthrough | Analogies


Development of semantic solutions and materials
Throughout the creative process the multidisciplinar team works side by side in order to achieve a result that is not only visible on the shelf or on the Wall but also represents something in people’s minds. In Will it is essential the third dimension to connect the client to the idea, after the development and improvement of the schematic design. Regardless the final choice of materials, a set of tools is used to complement the communication of the idea.

Manual / virtual 3D modeling | Rapid prototyping | Diagrams | Simulations: collages, photomontages, animation | Tests


Communication of a new concept
Will chooses a set of partners for the production, committing itself to supervise all production to grant that the result meets the highest level.

Storyboard of the final proposal | Final Prototype | Display panel


Analysis of results
After developping a project, it is carefully prepared a plan for its public implementation, which aims to bring together all the conditions available to reach the success of the final product. The following is the analysis of the results that will allow to understand the reaction of the market to the new concept, as well as other issues to improve or evolve during the project design of that process.

Implementation plan | Media | Feedback Map

We seek creative solutions to our clients in order to maintain and conquer new markets.