We act responsibly, carrying out initiatives and actions that benefit the planet and all of us!

  • We look at Will as a human community and an invaluable social asset that comes from the initiative, risk and the ability of people that interact in it and with it;
  • We strive for excellence in the daily work and business action as an ethical imperative because only this way we can meet the huge responsibility we have towards our own Life and towards the life project of other people.
  • We recognize the work as essential to individual achievement and to the social and economic progress of the world.
  • We want, with all our actions, contribute to building the Common Good with specific conditions – material, intellectual, moral and institutional – that allow the full realization of all men and the man.
  • We seek to be supportive in the pursuit of social policies, providing, whenever possible and in the right measure, extraordinary resources to support humanitarian, social, environmental or cultural initiatives, looking, with a sense of demand, to promote the good of all, preferably the poorest and the excluded in society life.
  • We give priority to a culture of valuation and respect for nature, taking into account the environmental and social consequences of our activity, safeguarding creation and the future.
We are committed to support with our skills, expertise and abilities the Centro Comunitário São Cirilo (St. Cyril Community Center) and Amigos de Rua - Solidarity Association.