We combined the young and fresh components of Mateus brand and added value with a premium image, according to the philosophy of the target. The Bordeaux bottle silhouette presented on the package shows that we have not only new tastes but also a new shape – “New taste, new shape”. Thus, a new icon was designed, disassociated from Mateus traditional image.
In the launch pack, the concept is the combination of “two flavors, one shape”. The mechanical opening of the pack itself, innovative and integrating of the parts, works on the base that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!” In this piece the silhouette of the bottle, in the middle, acts as a connecting link between the flavors, emphasizing the new shape again.
There is a sheet inside, with technical information about the two new flavors, reinforcing the concern for detail and the transmission of knowledge and values ​​of the product. The cropped parts present on this sheet, with the new bottle shape, reveal subtly the interior.